The Most Popular Cat Names of 2011

The list of most popular cat names in 2011 was recently released.  They are, in order:


 What about Mufasa?! No.. No Mufasa for 2011

As a feline practitioner, I recognize these names as being very popular indeed.  It had me wondering if my own hospital’s population of Bellas, Maxes, and Chloes ranked in the same order of popularity as the national list.  So I checked.  Here’s our list.  The national ranking is in parentheses next to the name.

-Max (2)
-Lucy (5)
-Chloe (3)
-Bella (1)
-Oliver (4)
-Charlie (9)
-Tiger (8)
-Shadow (6)
-Smokey (7)
-Tigger (10)

They’re close.  Bella topped the 2011 list, but in my hospital, Bella is bested by Max, Lucy, and Chloe. 

These may be the most popular names in 2011, but if you’re wondering, the most popular cat name in our hospital is, and probably always will remain:  Kitty.

Here's a few at the bottom of this year's list

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