Announcing Manhattan Cat Specialists' First Retirement

Manhattan Cat Specialists is a relatively young hospital.  We opened in January 2003, so we’re 9 years old.    

And yet, we’re ready to announce our first retirement.  

After (approximately) 6 years of valiant service, our hospital cat, Topeka, has donated her last unit of blood.  If I had to estimate, I’d say that Topeka is called on to save the life of a gravely anemic cat approximately twice a year.   We think that she’s earned the right to keep her blood to herself for the remainder of her life.  However, we’re calling it a SEMI-retirement, because we still call upon her to act as our “demo” cat when we show clients how to give subcutaneous fluids, insulin injections, pilling techniques, and how to perform syringe feedings.    

Considering the life of luxury she leads

it’s a small price to pay.


  1. Thank you, Topeka for all your wonderfule service. Enjoy our semi- retirement.


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