Monday, April 25, 2016

Caring Words from a Cat Owner - A Feline's Life was Saved due to Dr. Plotnick's Bartonella Article

Hello Arnold Plotnick,

In a few words, I wanted to thank you for saving my cat's life. She was 4 months old, a silver Egyptian Mau, when she got uvietus. All of her specialist told me she had FIP. I was waiting for her to die while I researched on the Internet daily for a cure. I did this for 8 months with no luck. We treated her infection with daily doses of prednisolone. This kept the infection at bay but it returned instantly if her medication was altered in any way. She remained on this medication until she was around 1 year old. It made her bloated and heavy but she did not die. She did not have FIP after all. She did acquire gingivitis which is rare in young cats.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Purina Shredded Blend. Finally, a food Mittens truly loves.

Trying to find an ideal food for my cat Mittens is one of life’s great challenges.  Like many cats, the gene for fussiness is firmly embedded in her DNA.  She’s one of those cats that eats to live, rather than lives to eat.  In some ways, it’s nice to have a cat that isn’t terribly food motivated.  She never wakes me up at 4:00 in the morning to ask for food, and she doesn’t pester me every time I go into the kitchen.  As a cat veterinarian, I hear these kinds of complaints daily.  Thankfully, as a cat owner, I don’t experience them myself. 

In some ways, however, I do wish Mittens was a little more enthusiastic about food.  About four years ago, she began having digestive issues.  It’s normal for a cat to vomit occasionally, and Mittens started out as your typical once-a-month vomiter.  However, it soon escalated to twice a month, and then twice a week, and then twice a day!  That familiar, horrible middle-of-the-night retching noise became the soundtrack of my life.  I ran all of the appropriate tests, and my suspicions were confirmed when endoscopy revealed that she has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).   Fortunately, she has responded dramatically to anti-inflammatory medication, and I literally cannot remember the last time she vomited her breakfast or dinner. 

Cats with IBD sometimes have trouble maintaining their body weight, and I’ve been vigilant in my search for a nutritious food that excites her.  She’s a bit of an oddball in that she has zero interest in canned food.  Sure, she’s interested in the salmon on my dinner plate, but a can of salmon cat food?  Yawn.  She’ll hover nearby when I’m eating a piece of chicken, and will readily eat a little piece if I offer it to her.  But of course, she turns her nose up at a can of chicken-based cat food.  It’s frustrating.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Here's a Photo of Me in Vet School - 1987 - Hangin' with a Goat

I decided to start an online group for my college classmates, and came across this photo.   Here's me in 1987 hanging with a lil buddy.
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