Friday, June 10, 2016

Take Your Cat on an Adventure!

Compensation was provided for this post by Purina

Personal friends, Facebook friends, and readers of my blog undoubtedly remember the poignant final weeks that I spent last year with my cat Crispy. 

I wrote several blog posts chronicling her diagnosis with an uncommon type of cancer, her brave battle in the hospital (two surgeries and a blood transfusion), and her amazing recovery at home.  Ultimately, she succumbed peacefully to her illness, however, those last weeks were wonderful in many ways, and looking back on how things played out, I can honestly say that I have no regrets about any decisions I made, and I couldn’t have scripted a more gentle, peaceful passing.

What I hadn’t anticipated, however, was how Crispy’s departure would affect the life of my other cat, Mittens.  Crispy and Mittens were not close.  In fact, they could take or leave each other, and that’s putting it kindly.  You can see the tension below, as Mittens tries to claim a piece of Crispy’s blanket.

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