Friday, June 28, 2013

Can You Transfuse Dog Blood into a Cat?

Every now and then, a cat develops anemia that is so severe that a transfusion is required to save its life. Cats have distinct blood types, so it is important to make sure that a severely anemic cat receives the proper blood type. Blood types in cats are classified similar to those in people. There’s type A, type B, and type AB. There is no type O, however. Most cats are type A. Purebred cats have an increased probability of being type B. Type AB is exceedingly rare.

Cats have, pre-formed in their bloodstream, antibodies against the opposite blood type. So, cats with blood type A have antibodies against type B. Cats with blood type B have antibodies against blood type A. If you transfuse a type-A cat with a unit of type B blood, a transfusion reaction will occur and the cat will become sick. The antibodies against the type B blood will attack the transfused red blood cells, shortening their lifespan. It becomes worse if you give a type-B cat a unit of type A blood. Cats that are blood type B have lots of antibodies against type A blood. The transfusion reaction is immediate and severe, and sometimes fatal.

So, what would happen if you were to give a cat a unit of dog blood?

Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Kittens Available for Adoption at Manhattan Cat Specialists - June 1, 2013

Manhattan Cat Specialists 
230 West 76th Street
New York, NY 10023

Veterinary House Calls for your Cat in New York City with Dr. Arnold Plotnick of Manhattan Cat Specialists

Manhattan Cat Specialists Now Offers House Calls and In-Home Veterinary Services!

Dr. Arnold Plotnick Feline Veterinary House Calls for Cats in Manhattan, New York City
Dr. Arnold Plotnick, a veterinarian & feline expert for over 30 years, has been examining cats at his Upper West Side practice, Manhattan Cat Specialists, for a decade.   Nearly every day, he hears that a client or cat owner in New York City wants Dr. Plotnick's expert care for their cats yet they cannot make it to our cat hospital.  Now, Dr. Plotnick is bringing the services of Manhattan Cat Specialists to homes in New York City.

There are many reasons why house calls are requested:

* Some cats get so nervous on the trip to the vet that they urinate, defecate, or vomit (or all three!) in their carrier on the way to (or from) the office.

* Cats who are normally angels at home turn into devils once they enter the veterinary office.

* Some cats, with their sixth sense, know that a veterinary visit is imminent, and they hide under the bed or the couch, making their capture and transport to the office an ordeal for the client.

* Many of our clients have multiple cats, and bringing two, or three, or five (or seven, or sixteen) cats to the office becomes a logistical nightmare.

* As our feline population ages, our clientele are aging right along with them, and some of our elderly clients find it increasingly difficult to bring their cat to the office.

* Many owners would like their terminally ill cats to be euthanized in their own home when the time comes.

For these reasons, Manhattan Cat Specialists has decided to now provide house calls and in-home veterinary services.  Initially, house calls will be limited to Thursdays, in Manhattan only, however, this may change in the future, depending on the demand.

If you elect to schedule a house call, Dr. Plotnick and Gina Manes (veterinary technician / animal behavior) will come to your home with the necessary equipment and supplies to give your cat the same kind of experience that he or she gets in the exam room.  This includes a complete physical examination, blood and urine collection for lab analysis if necessary, vaccinations, microchipping, feline leukemia and FIV testing, blood typing, subcutaneous fluid administration, ear cleaning, claw trimming, blood pressure measurement, application of Soft Paws, and many other procedures.  And of course, when the time is appropriate, euthanasia can be performed in a gentle, compassionate manner at home, and then take care of the cremation arrangements for you.

Dr. Arnold Plotnick Manhattan Cat Specialist Feline House Calls in New York CityOf course, some procedures cannot be performed in the home, for example, x-rays and surgery.  After the examination, if it is determined that your cat needs these or other advanced diagnostic procedures, or needs to be admitted to our hospital, transporting your cat to our hospital for further treatment would be arranged. Life threatening emergencies cannot wait, and should not be scheduled for house calls.  Cats who are having difficulty breathing, are having seizures, are unconscious, or are bleeding uncontrollably should be brought to our practice immediately, or to an emergency hospital if it is after hours.

Dr. Plotnick strives to provide expert care to all felines so if you and your furry companion could not make it to see Dr. Plotnick at his veterinary practice, he will come to you.  To schedule an appointment, call 212-721-2287 or email

Dr. Arnold Plotnick | Cat Veterinarian House Calls in New York City
Manhattan's Cat Expert Dr. Arnold Plotnick and Veterinary Technician Gina head off to a Feline House Call in New York City.

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