A Week in the Life of a New York City Cat Veterinarian in the Trenches

A new year has begun, and along with the new year comes the resolutions.  I try to be realistic with mine, and make them not too unreasonable to achieve.  This year, the list was pretty realistic:  spend more time with my sister; read at least one book a month; stay below 170 lbs; and write more blog posts. 

Finding  the topics to blog about isn’t that difficult when you work in a New York City cat practice.  Every day, I encounter interesting people, notable cats, and intriguing medical conditions, all of which provide excellent blog fodder.  Turning them into blog posts, however… that’s the challenge.   So I’ve decided to start a new weekly feature on the blog where I discuss actual cases that come in the door, to give a realistic view of the kind of things I encounter in a busy Manhattan cat practice. 

The cat names are real.   

The client names have been changed.

Stay tuned; A week in the life of cat veterinarian in the trenches... coming soon.


  1. This sounds really interesting. Looking forward to it.

  2. Can't wait to read. I hope you do a post on feline diabetes..


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