Monday, March 25, 2013

Kosher Cat Food: Can Cats and Their Owners Keep Kosher during Passover?

Kosher Cat Food.  Can cats keep kosher during Passover?  Can kosher cat owners keep cat food in the house?  Can we pass over the passover rules for cats? Oy Meow!

A friend of mine who lives in Atlanta, Richie, wrote to me the other day, telling me that in his never-ending search for  foods that his finicky cat Pinhead will eat consistently, he spotted an interesting designation on one of the cans’ label:  Endorsed by the cRc, Kosher for Animal Consumption.

I myself had never seen or heard of food that was supposedly kosher for cats.  I have heard of vegetarian cat owners trying to find vegetarian cat foods (which is impossible, as cats are true carnivores and cannot subsist on a vegetarian diet.  And don’t even think about vegan diets for cats), but never a kosher kitty diet.  Fortunately, Richie and I have a mutual friend, Doug, who lives in Israel and is orthodox in everything (except his love for punk music).  Doug shed some light on the topic:

The cRc is the Chicago Rabbinical Council, a well-known and respected rabbinic organization operating in the Chicago Metro area.

There is absolutely zero requirement within Jewish law for animals to eat "kosher" at any time during the year.

During Passover, Jews are not only required not eat leaven products, but they cannot even own them.  Not owning leavening, by the way, even extends to the food you keep on hand to feed your pets.

Here’s where it gets crazy:
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