It’s snot what you think… or maybe it is

My clients crack me up sometimes.  

As you know, I own a cat hospital, and cat clients are a little different than dog clients.  Cat clients are intense.  I mean that in a good way, of course.  Some cat clients are worriers.  They watch their cat’s every move, and if something is just a tiny little bit off… WHOOSH… they’re off to the vet, terrified something terrible has befallen their cat. 

Today, I saw a young married couple.  A few days ago, they were playing with their young Bengal cat. They took out his favorite toy (which they call “Mr. Feathers”), a wand with a string and a clump of feathers on the end.  (Note:  this toy should not be confused with their cat’s other favorite toy, a similar plaything except for the color of the feathers, which are bright pink.  They call this toy “Mrs. Feathers”.  I kid you not.)  Their kitty was playing so rambunctiously with Mr. Feathers that he banged his head very hard on a nearby table while leaping after his toy.  Now, a few days later, they were worried because a black substance has appeared around the cat’s nostril, and they fear that this must be blood that is dripping from an internal head injury he must’ve suffered at the hands of Mr. Feathers.

I examined the cat.  He was a robust, yet surprisingly mellow Bengal.  His eyes were fine.  Ears were pristine.  Nice clean teeth.  Normal  lymph nodes.  Heart and lungs normal.  Abdomen normal.  Haircoat shiny and sleek. The picture of health. Okay, now time to examine the nose.  Ah yes, I see the offending substance clinging to his nostril.  I inspect further.  Drum roll, please…  

The diagnosis:  kitty booger.

Yes, my clients were worried sick over snot.  Garden variety, run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen kitty boogers.
This is why I love feline practice.  Not only do I get paid to play with cats all day, but I get to deal with cool clients who love their cat so much that they schedule an appointment for kitty boogers.  Were they embarrassed?  Not at all.  When they found out that it was something harmless, they were truly grateful and palpably relieved. I totally made their day just by picking their cat’s nose.  Should they have been embarrassed?  Absolutely not.  They love their cat.  And I really like that they love their cat.  Considering the number of sick cats I’ve seen lately, I really enjoyed this appointment. 


  1. I can laugh because I am that type of client. Fortunately I haven't rushed them down for boogers but I've come close.

    Thank you for sharing. it is nice to know I'm not alone out there..


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