Shelter Sketches: Meet Vincent, Marellus, and Mia

This is amazing! Meet Chelsea Conlin, a freelance illustrator who also uses her artform to save animals. She is in charge of Shelter Sketches on ILRA )

Each week, Chelsea snags a photo posted from an animal shelter or rescue group of animals that need homes, and transforms the picture into a work of art.

This week Chelsea picked the three kitties rescued, and up for adoption at Manhattan Cat Specialists! Yay!  We posted this picture with some information about how to adopt these kitties:

Before Chelsea:

And Chelsea transformed that picture into this:

After Chelsea:

Chelsea is truly outstanding!  And her blog post is terrific as well. This is such an incredible method for her to do exactly what she loves and save lives.  She gets to do illustrations of animals each week.  She gets to help rescue animals with a brilliant way of spreading the word.  She gets to watch her artform travel worldwide while people are sharing their desire to help animals in need.