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Cat Resources
Cat Litterbox Resources Get answers to your cat litterbox questions with a quick check of litterbox resources from and CAT FANCY. Find articles that discuss cats’ inappropriate elimination, cat constipation, loose bowels in cats, cats who use the litterbox to sleep and other cat litterbox conditions. Looking for something not on our cat litterbox resources list? Contact a CAT FANCY and expert to ask your about your cat’s litterbox condition. All this and more can be found in our cat litterbox resources section.
What will happen when you fix your cat? Find out from an expert.
Constipation Sources
Learn why your cat might have a stoppage of stools.
Cat Spraying
When your cat uses scent marking to mark territory, try some simple steps to help redirect your cat's behavior.
Locate the LItterbox
Check this quick tip to see how good litterbox location will help your cat have healthy habits.
Inappropriate Elimination
Going outside the litterbox is a common cat problem. See how to help correct this behavior and get your cat to use his litterbox again.
My Cat Is Sleeping in the LItterbox — Why?
Your cat might be trying to tell you something if he's using his litterbox for a bed.
Soft Stools
Your cat's loose bowels can signal a problem. Get expert advice on your next step.
Keep It Inside the Box's veterinary expert explains how to teach cats to use their litterboxes.
Defecating Outside the Litterbox
Your cat could avoid the litterbox for everything. Get tips on how to correct bad litterbox behavior from cat behaviorists.
Why Cats Stop Using the Litterbox
Do some detective work to discover why your cat went from using the litterbox to using the floor around it.