Cat Writer's Association Awards 2011

The Cat Writer's Association (CWA) is an organization of professionals writing, publishing and broadcasting about cats.  Members include writers, editors, publishers, artists, public relations specialists, broadcasters and others. 
 Every year the CWA sponsors a contest in which they give out awards for the best written articles in a variety of categories.  The winners are announced at their annual conference.  This year, I submitted a few articles for consideration, and I’m pleased to announce I won three (!)  awards this year!

I won TWO Muse Medallions:
1) Newsletter Article – Any Other Topic
Judge’s comment:  “This is an entertaining and informative article that takes the reader on a unique journey into Holland’s famous floating cat shelter and examines its veterinary care practices.  The writer succinctly narrates a personal account of the ways another culture manages its homeless cat population.”
The Muse Medallion goes to: Dr. Arnold Plotnick for "Cats in Amsterdam" published in Cat Fancy.
 2) Online Article – Health and General Care
Judge’s comment:  “There were many excellent articles in this category.  With their fluid, easy-to-read style, the winner’s entries, in particular, provided enjoyment while dispensing useful and important information.”
The Muse Medallion goes to: Dr. Arnold Plotnick for "Why We Vaccinate (Even Indoor Cats)" published in Cat Man Do.

And last but not least, the big one) The PURINA ONE® HEALTH AWARD sponsored by Purina is for the outstanding single article reporting on feline health issues.
Judge’s comments:  “The winning article has good information.  It is readable, accurate and applicable.  This article can help everyone at all levels of ownership and experience understand the importance of oral health in cats.”
The winner is Arnold Plotnick for “Anatomy of the Feline Mouth.”
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