"The Devil Wears Cat Hair" - Post on Veterinarians Behaving Badly

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld/Harper's Bazaar

Having served over 30 years to the veterinarian world and by devoting my life to cats, I have had a fair share of experiences.  Nowadays, if an instance comes up, I've probably had to deal with a similar situation in the past, which in turn, reminds me how to deal with the curve-ball current situation.

I love treating cats, and I love my clients.  They’re cat people, and cat people are cooler than the rest of the population. Every now and then, however, I’m thrown a curveball, and I’m faced with a client who is clearly not behaving the way one would ever expect.  After 26 years of practice, you start to collect these stories in your head. 

I enjoy reading a blog called Veterinarians Behaving Badly.  This blog allows vets to let off a little steam and anonymously share stories and sometimes rant about the crazy clients, cats, and situations that we occasionally face while working in the trenches.  Although the site is geared mainly toward veterinarians and their staff, I do think my Cat Man Do readers might find some of the columns amusing.  I really like this particular one, which sounds like it very well could have been written by me