Shadow's Light was Extinguished Today :O(

We had to say good-bye to a very special cat today.  After 16 years of comfortable life, our friend Shadow passed away today.

When Shadow's original owner died unfortunately her cats could not stay together.  Each cat was taken in by a new home, except Shadow.  We decided to take Shadow in because he was just so incredible.  Shadow hung out downstairs in the office.  He would purr when anyone entered the room.  His joy of the day would be when someone opened the food storage room door; he would waltz into the room and bask in what he thought was his kibble treasure room (video).

Then, a wonderful client of ours wanted to take in Shadow.  Shadow got to live the last half a year with the love and in the home he deserved.  In the end, there were heart complications, and Shadow had to be put to sleep. We'll miss Shadow, he was a great guy to have around.


  1. Thank you for sharing the video of made me smile and to think of the impact he had on so many friends...quite a legacy not to be forgotten.


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