Caring Words from Clients

It's sad when long-time treasured clients leave our practice to go onto bigger and better things.  It's nice when they leave you something like this before they go...

The letter reads...

Dear Dr. Plotnick,

Words can't describe the appreciation I feel for the quality of care you've given Austin and Mia over the last almost 8 years.  I truly believe you have saved both of their lives - at least once - and have given me and my family the precious gift of more quality time with them.

You have created an amazing practice, somehow managing to find staff who are efficient, skilled, and compassionate.  I can't quite bring myself to imagine taking Austin and Mia to another vet, especially in their senior years.  But we will keep you posted with pictures and updates on how they are doing as international cats.

Thank you so much for everything,
Elizabeth Y.


You are very welcome Elizabeth.  Have a safe move to Hong Kong and a wonderful future across the world with your family.  Please, do indeed, share any videos and pictures with us.  Feel free to post any updates at


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