10 Best Talking Cat Videos (Talking Animals by klaatu42)

Entertainer and comedian Andrew Grantham (a.k.a. Youtube user klaatu42) has created a phenomenal Youtube channel titled "Talking Animals.".  No, these animals don't actually talk. Andrew is the voice behind the animal (I think)... and what is said is pretty much what one would expect a talking dog or cat to say... and what they would say is hilarious!  His video releases go viral, scoring over a million views at minimum, and his last smash hit "Ultimate Dog Tease" which had our staff and colleagues laughing hysterically all day with multiple views, is approaching 40 million hits!

This talking pets concept is nothing new (think of Mr. Ed), however, the raw camera footage, the innocent pet facial expressions, and each the animals exhibiting their own personalities all make a great palate for funnyman Andrew Grantham to work with.

Here we go, the 10 best "Talking Animals" talking cat videos: