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The Scoop on Cat Puke!
on "The Pet Doctor"

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Dr. Arnold Plotnick

This episode we discuss the ever so pleasant topic of kitty vomit! That’s right, hairballs, puke, the gift between your toes in the morning… cat vomiting. But seriously, cats to seem to vomit a lot and it can be hard to know when it is significant!  When is lots of vomiting too much vomiting?  Why is it happening and what can we do about it?   In this episode we turn to feline expert, Dr. Arnold Plotnick. He is a board certified internal medicine specialist and a brilliant and kind person and veterinarian. Contrary to the belief that the world is going to the dogs, Dr. Arnold Plotnick has made a career believing in felines. In fact, he has been one of only a handful of board-certified cat specialists in the United States. He helps us unravel the mysteries of the pre-chewed gifts our cats often leave us with and what we can do about it!
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