How to Treat a Cat That Has Been Stung by a Bumblebee

How to Treat a Cat That Has Been Stung by a Bumblebee

Cats enjoy chasing things, but sometimes the things that they chase can sting them in retaliation. If your cat is stung by a bumblebee, the pain is sudden and intense. Treat a bee sting as soon as it happens to help relieve the pain and calm your cat down. In the majority of cases, treating the symptoms of the bee sting is enough to help your cat recover.

1 Observe your cat. If it is vomiting, has diarrhea or seems to be having difficulty drawing its breath, take it to the veterinarian at once. These are signs of an allergic reaction, which can be fatal without treatment.

2 Wrap two ice cubes in a wash cloth.

3 Hold the cat firmly under your arm, its face within easy reach.

4 Apply ice to the affected area until the swelling goes down. The ice also relieves the cat's pain.

5 Scrape the stinger out using the edge of a credit card. Leaving the stinger in the cat's lip causes irritation and infection.

6 Apply a small amount of antihistamine ointment to the area to help it heal.



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