Before tumor removal and reconstructive surgery:

After tumor removal and reconstructive surgery:

There are some humans that don't get this good of a nose job.

Manhattan Cat Specialists


  1. incredible,I have lost several cats to this condition

  2. Yikes! What a terrifying "before" shot, and yes, an awful prognosis. SO glad it worked out okay for this kitty! How long and involved was the recovery process, any idea?
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  3. I had a cat that I had for 19yrs & was diagnosis with osteosarcoma in aug 2009 & my vet only gave her a couple of months...but also failed to tell me of other possible treatments...she was on amoxicillin drops/azium 50mg/ml 30mls from aug 2009 thru july 2010 when she passed away..it was heatbreaking at times..my vet told me there was nothing that could be done because of the location of the tumor..it was exactly where this cat's was....Know matter what the cost of the surgery I should have been given an option, now I am doubting his treatments... I wish I would have known at the time..I have numerous cats that I try and maintain their health but it can be costly...thx mary ann

  4. Originally when I took him to the first vet, they told me that surgery to remove the tumor probably wasn't an option due to the location. At that point I chose not to do radiation or chemo as I could not afford those options and aside from the growing tumor on his nose, he showed no outward signs of being in pain so I decided to let him live as happily as he could for as long as he could. I only decided to look into surgery when the tumor grew so big it was splitting open and getting in the way of his eating. My vet referred me to Manhattan Cat Specialist where they performed the surgery on him. Other than the stiches that he had in for two weeks, recovery was pretty non existant. They did a wonderful job and it has been great to see that cute little kitty face again. 6 months later, the tumor is starting to grow back again slowly but I knew that was an option. In my opinion he still looks adorable and seems to be in good health otherwise :)

  5. OMG, that is amazing, well done the cat looks completely normal


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