Dance of the Kitty Cat's Ear Mites

We got a great microscopic image today of an insane swarm of ear mites

Ear mites are pesky, microscopic bugs that can live in your kitten’s ears, causing itching and relentless discomfort. Severe infestations can cause rupture of the eardrum and inflammation of the middle ear, resulting in balance and coordination problems. Often manifesting as an accumulation of dry, brown, crusty material in the ear canals, ear mites can cause kittens to scratch their ears so vigorously as to cause bleeding. Fortunately, they are easily diagnosed by your veterinarian, and have become easier to treat due to the recent development of new topical (on the skin) and otic (in the ear) medications.


  1. Aaaawww, reminds me of Zeke's "cauliflower ear" from bad mites he had before he came to live with me. Just added to his charm, IMHO.


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