Caring Words from a Cat Owner - A Feline's Life was Saved due to Dr. Plotnick's Bartonella Article

Hello Arnold Plotnick,

In a few words, I wanted to thank you for saving my cat's life. She was 4 months old, a silver Egyptian Mau, when she got uvietus. All of her specialist told me she had FIP. I was waiting for her to die while I researched on the Internet daily for a cure. I did this for 8 months with no luck. We treated her infection with daily doses of prednisolone. This kept the infection at bay but it returned instantly if her medication was altered in any way. She remained on this medication until she was around 1 year old. It made her bloated and heavy but she did not die. She did not have FIP after all. She did acquire gingivitis which is rare in young cats.

Two months ago I heard my spirit tell me to not give up on her and to begin my research once again. So the next morning I began researching and found your article on the Bartonella bacteria.When I read your article and saw how gingivitis is a symptom of Bartonella along with uvietus I was excited. My cat had no other symptoms of Bartonella, not one. I asked my vet to test her for it even though it felt like a long shot and she did. The first results came back positive. We began her 21 day treatment and on the 3rd day I knew my cat had the bacteria as her eyes began to change and the clarity return. We sent the blood to 3 other labs to confirm the diagnosis and they came back in three weeks as all negative. I thank the heaven's that I did not send the blood to those labs first!!! My vet knew a lab that was known on the east coast for testing this bacteria and started there. I am also happy that I began the treatment right away before we got the other test results back.

She is now cured. We did the 21 day treatment for Bartonella and then slowly took her off prednisolone. She is symptom free after 3 months and has lost weight. There are no words that describe the gift you have given me. There is no way I can ever repay you for the information that saved my beautiful amazing Mau. Her name is Freya. Thank you for taking the time to help other people. Thank you for your wonderful cat Bob. Thank you for you, Dr. Arnold Plotick. You will always be a part of me and my Freya. You gave her a life she would have never had, and in this you gave me the greatest gift imaginable. May you be given all that you give and then some. Your heart is generous and for this I am very blessed.

With the deepest gratitude and love,
Gay K.