Monday, September 23, 2013

Here's 24 Cute Funny Excited Cats Having Fun and Going Crazy - Purrfect Cat & Kitten Reaction Gifs

If you're going to venture out into that great big world known as "the internet," not only will you want to wear some flea and tick medication, but you will also need to react to what you have just read, seen, or witnessed.  Whether it's a blog post, a youtube video, or a comment thread, you NEED to have cat reaction GIFs handy for your engaging replies and clever retorts.

Having cute, funny, and excited cats in a collection of GIFs is any must-have for the web wanderer.
Here's 24 GIFs of cats excited and felines having fun and going crazy.

Are you ready?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Creepy Rabies Case

Last year, I wrote about the latest rabies surveillance numbers in the U.S.  I had noted that the number of feline rabies cases had increased in 2010.  I don’t have the numbers from 2011, but I do have the latest report for 2012, and I’m happy to see that the number of cases of feline rabies (257 cases) is less than what was reported in 2010 (303 cases).  The rest of the report wasn’t very interesting, except for the last section, where they described a case of human rabies from February of this year. 

In February, a man was presented to an emergency room in Maryland for pain in his right hip.  He developed encephalitis and hypersalivation soon after admission, and died after 22 days of hospitalization.  Five days before he died, samples were obtained and submitted to the CDC, and rabies was confirmed.  The virus was analyzed, and was shown to be a variant associated with raccoons.  During the patient investigation, no known exposure to animals was elicited from the patient history.  However, the patient had received a kidney transplant from a deceased donor approximately 17 months before the onset of rabies.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Poezenboot Redux

I recently had the pleasure to take a trip to my favorite international city, Amsterdam.  I first visited this wonderful city in 1998.  Although I have traveled to most European countries, I hadn’t had a chance to return to Amsterdam until 2011.  At that time, I was fortunate to discover the Poezenboot, a cat shelter/sanctuary permanently docked in the Singel canal.  I visited the boat and met Ruth and Judith, two staff members who were super-nice and very informative.  They gave me a detailed tour and told me some of the history of the Poezenboot.  I wrote an article about the experience for Catnip magazine, and for this blog.  

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I stayed with a friend whose new apartment just happens to be right around the corner from the Poezenboot.   Naturally, I went to visit.   On the day I went, the Poezenboot’s hours of operation were from 1:00 to 3:00.   I arrived at 12:30.  Sitting outside, on the sidewalk adjacent to the stairs leading down to the boat, were four people who I assumed were employees.  I recognized Ruth immediately.  Before I could re-introduce myself, Ruth said that they don’t open until 1:00.   “Yes”, she said, giving me a look that said, “Do I know you?” 

“I don’t know if you remember that about two years ago, I visited and wrote an article about the Poezenboot for a magazine…”

“Oh yes!  Of course!  You’re the doctor!” she exclaimed.  I told her that I was visiting Amsterdam and that I wanted to stop by and say hi and see the kitties again.  I asked if Judith still worked there.  “Yes, Judith is inside.  Come on in!”

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