Must Re-home - Urgent!

Please help! After two long years of being on a waiting list for a cat, we have been notified by breed rescue that, at long last, our number has come up and ... WE ARE HAVING A KITTEN!

We must get rid of our children IMMEDIATELY because we just know how time consuming our new little kitten is going to be and it just wouldn't be fair to the children. Since our little kitten will be arriving on Monday we MUST place the children up for adoption this weekend!

They are described as:

One male -- his name is Tommy, Caucasian (English/Irish mix), light blonde hair, blue eyes. Four years old. Excellent disposition. He doesn't bite. Temperament tested. Does have problems with peeing directly in the toilet. Has had chicken pox and is current on all shots. Tonsils have already been removed. Tommy eats everything, is very clean, house trained and gets along well with others. Does not run with scissors and with a little training he should be able to read soon.

One female -- her name is Lexie, Caucasian (English/Irish mix), strawberry blonde hair, green eyes quite freckled. Two years old. Can be surly at times. Non-biter, thumb sucker. Has been temperament tested but needs a little attitude adjusting occasionally. She is current on all shots, tonsils out, and is very healthy and can be affectionate. Gets along well with other little girls and little boys but does not like to share her toys and therefore would do best in a one child household. She is a very quick learner and is currently working on her house training. Shouldn't take long at all.

We really do LOVE our children so much and want to do what's right for them. That is why we contacted a rescue group. But we simply can no longer keep them. Also, we are afraid that they may hurt our new kitten.

I hope you understand that ours is a UNIQUE situation and we have a real emergency here! They MUST be placed into your rescue by Sunday night at the latest or we will be forced to drop them off at the orphanage or along some dark, country road. Our priority now has to be our new kitten.

$10 re-homing fee but price is very negotiable.

"Mommy... NO!"


Horrified?  Good.  That’s just how my staff and I feel when you ask me to find homes for your “beloved” cats the moment you learn that a baby is on the way.  Family is family, and that includes our pets.


  1. Brilliant. Very, very funny.

  2. Oh, humans! My slant on this is people that are irresponsible pet owners are irresponsible in most areas of their lives.

    I have been a vet tech since 1974, have bred Cornish Rex since 1989, and have a 4 page adoption application that 'weeds' out most people who wouldn't qualify to have one of my cats. BUT one thing I can't control is marriage, birth or divorce in said homes. That is where the pets become less a priority in their lives and are relinquished because 'they don't fit our life' anymore.

    Fortunately, 99% of the time I get these cats back...but here's a short version of a call I got recently:
    (Imagine cats meowing loudly in background)... 'I'm at the airport, they won't let me ship them without a certificate of acclimation and they are going to miss their flight. Can your vet write one?' (We had not seen these cats in 2 years...NO). 'My vet is closed' (they are in San Diego, we are in Virginia). Cats are going to Ohio in terrible weather conditions. I freaked out, asked why she didn't call me. 'Oh, they are going back to my ex, who I was married to when we adopted the cats so I thought you'd be ok with that. I am having to get rid of them because I am pregnant and my doctor said they are a risk for Toxoplasmosis.'

    I told her I test all my cats for that and they could be tested too, and would be very low risk to her as they are indoors only and don't eat a raw diet. Then she said 'Oh, I'm moving in with my boyfriend and he doesn't like cats...'

    So, they ended up flying later, arrived safe to the ex, and he is now in touch with me about how to take care of them, vet recommendations etc etc. He said they are with the right person now as he always wanted cats and the ex wanted kids and that is one reason they divorced...

  3. I don't understand... I can't re-home my children?

  4. I agree, family is family, and that does include our pets! horrifying as it is to think of someone giving up their beloved pet(s) because a baby is on the way, sometimes it's the most merciful thing for the pet(s) to go to a better home. My friend used to feed her neighbor's starving cat, because once the baby arrived, the cat was too low of a priority. :( I think starving/neglecting pets is FAR worse than re-homing them.

    In case you think I'm heartless for saying that, my husband and I have a much-loved kitty, who we call our daughter. We may be moving overseas, and she's coming with us! :)


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