Hairball Roundup 2010

Dr. Arnold Plotnick made a cat hairball awareness tour-de-force for Spring 2010.  In case you missed it, here is a round up of interviews with Dr. Plotnick recently published for National Hairball Awareness Day 2010.

* – Cat Expert: How To Avoid Hairballs

* – National Hairball Awareness Day

* – Hack Attack

* – Happy Hairball Awareness Day: Romeo The Cat Interviews Dr. Arnold Plotnick

* – Everything You Wanted To Know About Hairballs Explained

* – There's More To Life Than Hairballs

* – Warm Weather Wellness Tips from Cat Expert Dr Arnold Plotnick

We would like to thank FURminator Inc. for partnering up with Dr. Plotnick and sponsoring this year's National Hairball Awareness Day.