7 Great Resources for Keeping your Cats Safe During the Holidays

Keeping Your Cat Safe During the Holidays
Here are the top 10 tips for a safe and happy holiday with your kitties.
By Helen Jablonski via Catchannel.com and CatFancy
"With all the new sounds, sights and smells in your home during this time of year, an inquisitive cat could get into trouble. Make sure your feline continues feeling fine by following these tips."

How to Take Care Of Your Cat During The Winter
By kluke82
"During the winter it is important to keep your cat or cats safe from the cold. There are many easy ways to guarantee that your cat, cats, or kitten stays safe from the cold. Keep your cat healthy this winter by following these simple suggestions."

Jingle Bell Blues: Don't Let Your Pet Get'em
by PurinaCare Pet Insurance Blog
"A routine and familiar environment is important to most dogs and cats. During the holidays pets may suffer from the constant changes taking place in their territory. There are new objects to explore - like holiday decorations, new plants and tempting foods. Being mindful of how your pet may react can make the season pleasant for everyone."

Tips to keep your cat safe during the holidays
by Samantha Gowen, Pet Tales editor

Holiday Dangers to Pets
"Providing food and shelter is not proving love for your pet. Those too, but proper care and protection from harm make the truest sense of responsible pet ownership." ~ John D. Carraway, DVM.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe During the Holidays
By Debbie Davis

How to Make the Holidays Pet Friendly
By Gardengates