Reader Questions

From August 2004 to January 2012, I served as the medical editor of Tufts University’s Catnip newsletter, under the brilliant and professional guidance of my friend and colleague, Arden Moore.  [It would take an entirely separate blog to detail Arden’s contributions to the world of animal education and entertainment.  Just check out her website and her podcast and see what I’m talking about].  Arden left Catnip to bigger and brighter endeavors, and the publisher decided to revamp the newsletter.  In short, the medical editor’s position was eliminated.  Sigh. 

However, while I was the medical editor, I got to work with two excellent behavior specialists, Dr. Nick Dodman and Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli.  I frequently called on them to answer some of the more challenging letters sent in by Catnip readers.  I’ve decided to share their wisdom with you.

In the near future look for blog posts by myself as well as my fellow colleagues (look for the tags "Questions" and "Answers". I'm very excited to be able to provide you with their insights on my Cat Man Do blog.