50 Cat Safe Plants For Your Garden

50 Cat Safe Plants For Your Garden

Guest post by Laura M. Sands

Growing cat-safe plants in your garden is a wonderful goal for pet owners and non-pet owners, alike. Avoiding toxic plants helps to ensure the safety of your own pets as well as neighborhood cats who may occasionally roam your yard. According to the ASPCA, plants like Aloe and Branching Ivy are particularly harmful to cats, but with so many plants that are safe for a cat to enjoy you’ll hardly miss any that should be avoided.

Some of the most beautiful and cat-safe plants for your garden include:

1.      American Rubber Plant
2.      Bamboo
3.      Basil
4.      Brazilian Orchid
5.      Cat Ear
6.      Cocktail Orchid
7.      Coriander
8.      Cornflower
9.      Dwarf Date Palm
10.  Dwarf Feather Palm
11.  Dwarf Royal Palm
12.  Easter Orchid
13.  Fire Weed
14.  Flame African Violet
15.  Freckle Face
16.  Garden Snapdragon
17.  Golden Bells
18.  Hawthorn
19.  Hens and Chickens
20.  Irish Moss
21.  Jacob’s Ladder
22.  Jasmine
23.  Kenya Violet
24.  Lady Palm
25.  Leopard Lily
26.  Magnolia Bush
27.  Mosaic Vase
28.  Mulberry Tree
29.  Natal Plum
30.  Orange Star
31.  Pampas Grass
32.  Patient Lucy
33.  Petunia
34.  Queencup
35.  Queensland Arrowroot
36.  Red Palm Lily
37.  Rose
38.  Sand Lily
39.  Sunflower
40.  Texas Sage
41.  Tropical Moss
42.  Urbinia Adavoides
43.  Velvet Plant
44.  Verona Fern
45.  Walking Anthericum
46.  Wax Rosette
47.  Wild Strawberry
48.  Yellow Palm
49.  Zinnia
50.  Zucchini Squash

Plants Beloved By Cats

In addition to the 50 cat-safe plants mentioned above, another very obvious choice is Nepeta cataria-- or as it is more commonly known-- catnip. Some gardening aficionados have been known to plant catnip in close proximity to vegetable gardens since it may attract felines to the area, which may help control rodents and other pests. Not all cats embrace Nepeta cataria, but some love it so much, that you may find yourself looking for ways to keep them from chewing too much of it or rolling around in the plant and crushing its leaves.

While some cats are not fans of catnip, others love a similar but more ornamental plant known as catmint. With its delightful fragrance and violet flowers, some cats just can’t get enough of this one. Whether you choose catnip, catmint or decide to plant a little of both, be prepared for your cat to not only be wildly attracted to the plants, but they may even exhibit signs of euphoria or enter into a deeply relaxed state after frolicking in or chewing either plant.

Other plants loved by cats include parsley and bean sprouts. Grasses, especially oat grass, are particularly good for helping cats manage hairballs. Extending your focus beyond cat safe plants, you may want to deliberately plant a few of these favorites as a way of keeping your feline friend healthy and happy.

Plants like these are also a great way to keep cats occupied while you are free to do other things like relax outdoors or work in other areas of your garden. Avoid leaving your cat unattended for long periods of time, though. And if you have a cat sitter, be sure to instruct her to keep an eye on your furball so that your little one doesn’t overindulge on garden treats while you are away.

Do it For the Cats!

Before planting anything in your garden, spend a little time researching whether or not it will be hazardous to your pet. Using seeds to start new plants is the most advisable method to ensure that cats are not exposed to harmful chemicals. If your pet suffers from diabetes, feline obesity or other health problems, consult with your veterinarian before allowing your cat to graze on catnip or other edible plants. Above all else, enjoy creating a beautiful landscape that you will not only love, but that your cats will thank you for.

More Pet Care Advice

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