Dr. Arnold Plotnick joins the Petocracy Team of Animal Health Experts

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There’s no substitute for the hands-on care of a local veterinarian, but sometimes you just need to ask a simple question about a worrisome symptom or issue.

At petocracy.com, they have assembled a team of pet experts that includes licensed veterinarians, clinical specialists, and certified professionals in various pet-related fields. The team is standing by to provide answers to your specific pet health questions, for free.

Dr. Arnold Plotnick is the resident cat health expert at Petocracy -- After you have signed up to the site, connect with him here: http://petocracy.com/Community/Profile/aplotnick

In addition to the resident experts, petocracy.com features hundreds of articles, videos and conversations. All content is curated, meaning that real people are reviewing information for accuracy and relevancy to the interests of the pet owners community.