Dr. Plotnick Named One of the Top 25 Cat Bloggers of 2012 by Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology!

veterinarian tech schoolBel-Rea Vet Tech compiled their list of the Top 25 Cat Bloggers of 2012, and today they've made the announcement on their blog.

Dr. Plotnick is thrilled that this blog, Cat Man Do, is listed as one of the top 25 cat blogs of 2012!


Here's a quick run-down of the full list.

1. Modern Cat http://www.moderncat.net
2. Daisy the Curly Cat http://daisythecurlycat.blogspot.com/
3. Cat Man Do http://catexpert.blogspot.com/
4. The Conscious Cat http://consciouscat.net/
5. Love Meow http://lovemeow.com/
6. Covered in Cat Hair http://www.coveredincathair.com/
7. Thoughts Fur Paws http://thoughtsfurpaws.com/
8. Floppy Cats http://www.floppycats.com/
9. House Cat Confidential http://housecatconfidential.blogspot.com/
10. Alasandra: The Cats and a Dog http://alasandra2003.blogspot.com/
11. Way of Cats http://www.wayofcats.com/blog/
12. Glogirly http://www.glogirly.com/
13. Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center http://friendsoffelines.blogspot.com/
14. Whiskers and Leo Pet Care http://whiskersandleo.com/blog/
15. Romeo the Cat http://www.romeothecat.com/
16. Pawesome http://www.pawesome.net/
17. Mod Cat Love http://modcatlove.com/
18.  Forever Foster http://foreverfoster.blogspot.com/
19. Sparkle http://www.sparklecat.com/
20. Mouse Breath http://mousebreath.com/
21. Cat Fact Files http://www.catfactfiles.com/
22. I Have Cat http://ihavecat.com/
23.  Cat’s Cats http://catscats-catrina.blogspot.com/
24. The Cat Post Intelligencer http://www.mysiamese.com/
25.  Paper Bag and String http://www.anndziemianowicz.com/

Thank you Bel-Rea for compiling such an excellent list of feline bloggers!

Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology is one of the largest veterinary technician schools in the U.S. that offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Veterinary Technology. Founded in 1971, Bel-Rea is also one of the oldest American Veterinary Technician schools.


  1. Congratulations! The world needs more people like us who cares deeply and sincerely to these animals. More power to you!

  2. I'm a veterinary technician and I love my job, although I often consider running away to join the circus. I am very passionate about music, art, and nature.


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