You Gotta Start Somewhere

Welcome to my blog!

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for several years now, and I’m finally getting my ducks in a row and getting things going. Being a cat veterinarian is a great job. After all, I get paid to play with kitties all day. It’s kinda a dream come true. But as you can imagine, there’s much more to it. The job is a real emotional rollercoaster, with some truly wonderful highs, and some horribly depressing lows. I get to meet some wonderful clients, watch my talented staff in action, and of course, get to meet the most absolutely wonderful cats in the world. I’ll make sure you get to meet them, too.

As many of you know, I do a lot of writing in addition to my veterinary work. I author a monthly “Ask the Vet” column in Cat Fancy magazine, and I’m one of the feline advice experts on On CatChannel, I answer one question a week, submitted from our readers. I’m the medical editor for Catnip magazine. In Catnip, you’ll usually find either an article written by me, or a reader’s question answered by me, in nearly every issue. I like sharing my interesting medical cases and observations with others, and I’ll be doing that here. To maintain the anonymity of my clients and their cats, their names will be altered. Everything else, though, will be totally honest and accurate. There are a lot of philosophical issues a veterinarian has to deal with, and these will be interesting to share. I’m sure they’ll generate some commentary, and perhaps help me gain some perspective.

By now, you realize that cats rule my life. That’s a good thing. When school ruled my life, I used to think of my life as being divided into segments based on schooling. There were the high school years, the undergrad years, the master’s degree years, the vet school years. Now, as I get older, I see my life in terms of the cats I’ve had. There are the Brandy and Gigi years, the Gigi and Ethel years, the Ethel and Crispy years, and now the Crispy and Mittens years. I think we group our lives this way because our cats often become the only consistent thing in our lives sometimes. Over the course of a few years, we may change jobs, change addresses, go through marriages, separations, divorces… our lives can be literally turned upside down by events beyond our control. But at the end of it all, we walk through the door, and who can we count on to be there, day after day. Reliably. Dependably. Can you guess?

Cats Rule
Dr. Arnold Plotnick
Cat Man Do