Finding Cats in Eastern Europe

Today is my last day at work before I leave for vacation. A few years ago, after my little coronary incident, I decided that life was short, the world was big, and there was a lot of the world that I needed to see. I made a goal to try to see the world's major cities. As I started to do that, I discovered that these cities had their own outdoor cat populations, and my camera lens naturally gravitated to them. I took great photos of cats in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile, and Greece was a dream come true, with tons of cats everywhere I went. Lots of cats in Bangkok, as well. Tomorrow I leave for Eastern Europe. First stop: Budapest. Then comes Vienna, and finally, Prague. In Vienna, I'll definitely be popping by Katze and Kater, a gift shop that has trinkets and tchotchkes of all things feline. Of course, I'll be sharing many of my photos right here.

Yesterday I received, at work, a letter addressed to me from a Mr. Don Johnson. No return address, but the postmark was California. The letter was very brief. One sentence, in fact. But the one sentence was very flattering, as was the other item in the envelope. So, Mr. Johnson, whoever you are, thank you very much, and yes, I will continue the good work I do for our feline friends for many years to come.

Cats Rule
Arnold Plotnick
Cat Man Do


  1. Don Johnson was awesome in Miami Vice and I know for a fact that he is a cat lover. He has donated to animal rescue charities in the past.

  2. I know what you mean..I recently visited Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and saw such a huge population of stray cats. Outrageous :(
    Those feline pics must have been quite an experience I bet.


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