Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top 20 Internet Cat Videos of 2011

We've gathered together our 20 favorite cat videos from 2011 that we posted throughout the year on our Manhattan Cat Specialists' Facebook Page. Without further ado:

Oskar the Blind Kitten's First Toy

Cat and Dolphin Play Together

Newborn Kitty having a bad dream, then Mommy Hugs

Guilty Cat

Plastic Cat Fortress

Cat Barks... until he's Caught! then Meows

The Two-Faced Cat: Frank and Louie

Cats Yawning

Brave Kitty Stands up to Dog

NoNoNoNoNo Cat

Violet the most Relaxed Cat Ever

Kitty Pro Wrestling

Cat Ruins Video

Cats try to understand the Treadmill

Hungry Fat Cat wants More

Thumbs Up Cat

Hamster Ball Cat

Spider Cat

Cat Massages Dog

Glass of Water Cat

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