Friday, August 13, 2010

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week | August 16th-22nd

Every dog has his day.
We're making sure cats have their day too!

That's why Feline Pine created "Take your cat to the vet week." From August 16th to the 22nd, we'll raise awareness of the fact that cats need an annual veterinarian examination just as much as dogs.

The natural cat litter company lengthened the observance because of positive responses from veterinarians and cat owners last year in Chicago, said Michele Gaspar, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (feline), the company's national “spokesvet.”

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week aims to educate cat owners about the importance of annual veterinary visits for their pets. In a national survey conducted by Feline Pine in spring 2009, more than one-third of the 720 respondents said they took their cats to the veterinarian only when the animal was sick. Only 17 percent of those surveyed had their cats regularly vaccinated against diseases like rabies and distemper.

"Did you know that approximately 10% of pets presented to veterinary clinics for annual check-ups have some underlying disease or abnormality?

Due to advances in veterinary care, cats today are living longer than ever before. This means that more cat owners will be faced with the special demands and problems that become apparent with age. Understanding the aging process and the most common problems that face the aging cat is the first step in providing the best possible care to elderly patients. The doctors and staff at Manhattan Cat Specialists have a special fondness for senior kitties, and we are keenly aware of the special problems and needs of our elderly patients." Dr. Arnold Plotnick MS, DVM, ACVIM, ABVP

Dr. Gaspar “There is a misconception that cats are independent and they don't need the level of care that dogs do. Cats also don't show disease well. We can have cats who look normal but when they are covering up a serious illness." Dr. Michele Gaspar, DVM, DABVP (Feline), Feline Pine in house veterinarian.



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