Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Hairball Awareness Day - April 30th

National Hairball Awareness Day

Products to Solve and Prevent Hairballs
Nothing is more unpleasant than hearing your kitty cough up a hairball, and trust us it's not pleasant for your pet either. Check out these products to solve and prevent hairballs.

Hairball Tips

Grooming to Reduce Hairballs
According to experts, cats continuously throwing up hairballs may be a sign that you are not brushing your cat enough!

Cat Wellness Tips
Tips on how to practice healthy grooming habits for cats - which may ultimately affect their overall health.

April 30th is National Hairball Awareness Day is celebrating National Hairball Awareness Day! With grooming tips from FURminator, Inc. and insightful "meows" from Romeo the Cat we are shedding light on this less than pleasant kitty phenomenon.  Dr. Plotnick is proud to team up with FURminator and Romeo the Cat for this year's National Hairball Awareness Day.

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