Thursday, April 29, 2010

8-Week Old Kittens Up for Adoption at Manhattan Cat Specialists

As we mentioned before, we are ramping up our cat and kitten adoption program at Manhattan Cat Specialists.  We have seven 8-week old cute cuddly playful kitties available for adoption... (and... we don't have names for them yet!  Visit the Manhattan Cat Specialists' Facebook page to check out the current name suggestions or add your own.).

If you're in the Manhattan, New York City area and interested in adopting one of these kittens below, please call us at 212-721-2287 or visit us in person (230 W. 76th Street. New York, NY 10023)

In case energetic attention-seeking balls of fur aren't your thing, we also have Missy. Our beautiful sweet (and sometimes sassy) Tortie/Calico 8 year old spayed female is looking for a special home. She loves to jump on your lap and sleep in a nice warm bed. She's happy enough hanging out in our hospital, but she deserves a home.

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