Sunday, November 15, 2009

A List of Cats with Diplomas

Cat Diploma Article Proves Wikipedia's Worth
Posted by: Mike Pomranz
on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 Blog

The online, user-generated encyclopedia known as Wikipedia seems to receive as much criticism as it does praise. People complain the site isn't properly vetted enough to be cited as a reputable source or it's littered with graffiti and biases or that half the information in there no one actually cares about…
Hogwash! All of it!!
Where else can you find information like this: An article entitled "List of cats with fraudulent diplomas"??
Just think, you're sitting around your living room thinking to yourself, "What was the name of that cat with a fraudulent diploma?"
Your damn Encyclopedia Britannica won't be able to tell you jack squat on that topic. Your only hope is to go to an encyclopedia with an almost excessive amount of room for articles that no one will ever check …and, thusly, Wikipedia is by far your best option.
Granted, the article may have been written by a cat, jealous of his feline contemporaries, who is attempting to discredit the valid collegiate credentials of one of his academic adversaries.
But that's just part of the risk you take using Wikipedia: That the article you are reading may have been authored by a vengeful cat.
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